Monday, May 14, 2012

The finer points of the Healing Tigress exercises

Today I was lucky enough to have another Tigress go over the Healing Tigress exercises with me.

I have already been able to learn the basics of the exercises from the DVD but it was really good to go through them with another Tigress and for her to teach me the finer details. I basically showed her what I have been doing and she helped correct my technique.

To practice them properly we both had to take off our tops and bras. So there I was, video chatting with another woman on the other side of the world, both topless and massaging our breasts!

It was very, very good though, and strangely felt so normal. I was very comfortable doing this with her, and she was so relaxed and friendly.

What I learnt most from today’s session, I think, was focus. To really focus on building up the qi in my hands, to focus on the qi on my hands moving into my breasts, and to really focus on the exercise that I’m doing and every movement and every breath. Before I guess it was getting a bit routine and I was zoning in and out a bit and doing it a bit on auto-pilot. But now, returning to the exercises, I am doing them with much more attention, remaining in the moment, and appreciating the amazing practice that I have been taught and have the privilege to undertake.

It was a great session with her and so nice to talk to another Tigress.

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